CONTINUE THE TOUR Farming sector We invested in our multifunctional farm at Meteora
in Central Greece, by adopting the vertical business model
of super fruits cultivation:
from the farm to the supermarket shelf.
CONTINUE THE TOUR Functional Food Development of new innovative
functional food products based on our own
cultivation of organic
sea buckthorn.
CONTINUE THE TOUR European Research & Development Research & Development refers to the
research activities carried out by the department in order
to upscale existing products and services,
funded by various European programs and initiatives.

European R&D Department carries out research activities in order to upscale existing products and services of the company towards the development of new, in line with the present and future trends of the European and Global Markets.

The two pillars of our research are Agriculture in order to monitor our organic cultivation and optimize the functionality of our products and Food Technology in order to develop innovative functional food products with the ultimate goal to be suitable for personalized nutrition.
To achieve these goals the European R&D Department participates and implements many EU and National projects.

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Hippocrates Farm is company’s privately-owned farm located in Meteora, Greece and used for the organic cultivation of superfoods. Precision agriculture techniques are employed in order to develop, monitoring and analyze the nutritional value of superfoods.

Innovative biomolecular analysis methods are implemented to determine the full maturation time where the superfood will have the maximum composition of bioenergetic compounds that characterize its high nutritional value.


Food Technology

Optimized superfoods are used to develop innovative functional food products implementing advanced methods, like osmosis; a non-thermal dehydration method, edible coating: a novel preservation method, encapsulation technology; to protect the activity of bioactive compounds.

Using novel extraction methods the bioactive compounds can be used separately to further enrich the nutritional value of food products.
Ongoing research targets company’s ultimate goal to create innovative novel functional foods for personalized nutrition.

Submitted Proposals

European R&D department implements several EU and National projects.
The company has been selected by a series of lead partners organization to participate in consortia under a variety of European and National calls

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Functional foods or superfoods, contain bioactive compounds with positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition and with potential beneficial effect on human health. Superfoods can possibly help to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus type 2 and dyslipidemias.

Development of functional snacks and beverages that promote a healthy life-style comes in accordance to the market demand for personalized nutrition of food products that are of high-quality, as fresh as possible, minimally processed, preservative-free, functional with proven positive effect on human health and that can support a balanced diet.