This is our philosophy:

Reliability, stability and respect lead our way.

This is our philosophy:

Reliability, stability and respect lead our way.

by Rezos European R&D
Main activity is the distribution and the development of national sales networks of imported and local food & beverages products, operating in the Greek market.

Well operated logistics network

Our company provides a well operated logistics network, having adopted up to date monitoring and systems, from the purchase stage to the delivery. Boosting sales by Merchandising. We invest at the most modern warehouse management, commercial management software, aiming to ensure customer’s satisfaction both in terms of quality and time of delivery to them.

Effective marketing

Accelerating our development through effective marketing Rezos Brands SA invests also towards the development of its own products in the super fruits sector: osmotic processed super fruits and berries (sea-buckthorn/ hippophae, goji berry, aronia, cranberries, cacao beans etc.). Our customers have the opportunity to enjoy the services of our experienced marketing, branding and promotion team.

What is our target?

Rezos Brands has adopted a modern system, in order to control the supply chain, all the way from the supplier to the end user/consumer. We have invested in a sophisticated Warehouse Management System software and in an advanced ERP system combined with an Electronic Ordering software installed in the sales force’s tablet computers, in our continuous effort to achieve Customer satisfaction through a rapid and quality distribution.

Our power! Today, Rezos Brands employs 42 people, highly investing in their training and knowledge of the market trends . Our philosophy is to lead the way rather than just follow, and this is something we try to convey to our people.

Through time, Rezos Brands achieved a steady workforce growth rate, as a result of the gradual establishment of our company in the Greek market. Our constantly growing sales, reflect our investment in strategic partnerships and infrastructure, our deep knowledge of the Greek market but also the commitment to opening new prospects for further development and profitability.

  • National accounts
  • Buying groups
  • Independent retailers
  • Delicatessen outlets
  • HORECA spots
  • Touristic market
  • Wholesalers
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