European innovation award for REZOS BRANDS SA

It is a great honor for us to announce that our company, REZOS BRANDS SA, has been awarded for the project idea “Hippocrates Farm” in the framework of Accelerator “KATANA” program.



KATANA is a project financed through the H2020 INNOSUP-1-2015 call “Cluster facilitated projects for new value chains” which supports European SMEs in the agrifood value chain to simultaneously access knowledge, technology, capital and markets in order to respond to the global competitive environment. Initially, 640 ideas were submitted while each consortium proposed one product/service from one of the following categories: Precision Agriculture Services, Mobile Services and Functional Foods.

The top 100 innovative ideas where selected and during the 3-days on-site Bootcamp process (in Stuttgart 7-9 July 2017), in the presence of other candidates, market players, investors and the evaluating committee, the top 10 of KaTaNa project ideas were selected ((3) products/services from each category that will receive the highest evaluation by the judges/coaches and the one (1) next best regardless of category (10 products/services in total).

At the top 4 of the Functional Food sector was our product:  Hippocrates Farm. The project “Hippocrates Farm” forms the investment of our company at the research & development of new crops, uses, production, processing process, product line which will lead to sustainable development and the vertical business model of everyday products, which will be distributed at European and international market via distribution networks. Cultivation of sea buckthorn (hippophae) and other aromatic and medical herbs as well as ecotourism and agritourism, agro-and-environmental training and volunteerism activities amongst others are taking place into an energy-independent environment, in complete harmony with nature.

Rezos Brands “Hippocrates Farm” is a product line based on biological sea buckthorn, cultivated in our own farm at Meteora; this project is aiming to promote hippophae, as the top Greek superfood with unique beneficial attributes for the human being.  Rezos Brands has already developed a range of products based in the osmotic process of fruits which preserves the multiple benefits of hippophae, while at the same time gives a pleasant taste to the final product. The Hippocrates Farm product line, which is already on the Greek market, includes osmotic hippophae, osmotic hippophae juice and hippophae with black chocolate coating. This award, consist a great success as it is the only Greek participation which was evaluated in a such high ranking at the top 10 products at the KATANA Stuttgart Boot camp and won a place into the Heidelberg Innovation Forum, an Annually European initiative, organized in Germany.

The second open “Call for Products/Services” aims to identify products and services with high market potential. Cross-border and/or cross-sectoral consortia of 2-4 members each are invited to participate in the 2nd KATANA call, providing that at least one (or more) of the partners in each Consortium was among the winners/beneficiaries of KATANA Open Call 1 and has successfully participated in the KATANA training program. For the KATANA Open Call 2, Consortia must develop a Reward Crowdfunding Campaign. The winners of the Open Call will be the three (3) products/services from each category that will receive the highest amount of contributions in euros and the one (1) next best regardless of category (10 products/services in total) in terms of raising money/received contributions during the Reward Crowdfunding* campaign. Our aim for the next phase of competition, is the utilization of this crowdfunding platform for more funds in order to upscale our production and develop our product even more, also discover and attract investors in the “Hippocrates Farm” idea in order to develop our agritourist farm. As a result, “Hippocrates Farm” will participate as one of the best 10 innovative products/services in Agro-food sector and their further funding by the Horizon 2020 initiative and the promotion of the winning idea which will be additionally funded. The next steps of the competition process are the following:


  • 8.2017 the consortium establishment
  • 9.2017 the preparation of marketing campaign for boost awareness & follower’s interest.
  • 10.2017 Launching of the marketing campaign and Crowdfunding platform
  • 12.2017 Crowdfunding process completion.


The main partner from Greece is the Balkan Botanic Garden of Kroussia, which is part of the Hellenic Agricultural Organization – Dimitra (ELGO-DIMITRA). At the highly successful festival, the visitors of the event showed particular interest in our products. We would like to thank the Balkan Botanic Garden of Kroussia and Dr. Maloupa Helen, Director of the Institute of the Organization who participated in this project, for the invitation and the trust that she shows to our company and our products. We look forward to even more creative partnerships in the near future.


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